“Studentske Prakse” is a website/platform for helping students find internships. We work by the tagline “it’s not the degree that lands a job, it’s the internship”.

Based on the positive experience gained on the StudentInfo project, we decided to launch another project that will support students.

In order to finish the project in the planned 3 month period we decided to use WordPress REST API (edit: switched to Laravel) in the back-end which will provide a number of ready-made modules. We will then use AngularJS to populate the front-end.

There are many approaches to job ads, and we decided to use one with a very rich employer/student experience. This means that the purpose of the internship and will be to capture the best that employer has to offer while offering answers to all questions if you are a student.

Here is an early mockup to illustrate this:

Early mockup of the internship ad, showing the rich user experience

Project launch is expected for 1. April 2016.

Update 1. Feb 2016

We are currently working on building the data structures, API endpoints and finishing the mockups.


May 2

We have launched site, so you can go to

  • 12088416_10207153765619134_8736748430986455669_n

    Mališa Pušonja

    R&D Engineer
  • slika

    Nikola Klipa

    Software Developer
  • a

    Aleksa Stanković

    Frontend Developer
  • 1040231_685402554819699_1597829315_o

    Milan Vučić

    Software Developer
  • 20150827_123329206_iOS (2)

    Nikola Vuković

  • nemanja2

    Nemanja Avramović

    Full Stack Developer
  • dusan

    Dušan Babić

    Software Developer
  • alex

    Aleksandar Bajkin

    Full Stack Developer
  • danilo-2

    Danilo Tanić

    UI/UX Designer
  • rsz_20160428_173004

    Saša Janković

    Software Developer