At Devana Labs we are developing the world’s simplest and smallest GSM mobile phone. We call it “Hackphone“ and the main idea behind it is to hack your time back.

No email, no Facebook, no news, no videos… Smaller than a credit card, with a one week battery life we believe that Hackphone will be ideal for businessmen eager to win their time back, millennials eager to eliminate distractions as well as the first phone for children.

How we plan to do it

The main potential of this project is in its simplicity. Most of current phone manufacturers produce phones that have many features, and try to cover as many functionalities as they can. Therefore, those phones are effective, but they are far from being efficient. And device inputs its inefficiency in lives of its users.

Our advantage is in optimization of the deal: covering most functionalities that people need, we achieve much more efficiency with small drop in effectiveness. Beside brutal simplicity on the top, there is advanced integration possibility.

Oh did we mention the price of just $30?

Hardware design

The idea is to grow the awareness with early adopters through the make movement as most of the project will be 3D printed. The name itself “Hackphone” indicates a modern, self-aware, tech oriented user.

Revision 1 hardware project

Tech details sneak peak


This is state machine diagram of the phone… at least in a first few days of firmware development. Now it has grown ten times…


Agile 3.0 paradigm: Triple programming crew



What we're proud of

In a less than two months we built MVP that has all functionalities of the projected device and only downside and distinction of the final device is its thickness of 6mm.


What's next

Second revision will be 3mm thick, will have a touchpad and will be the best-looking phone on the planet. Just be patient.


Update 10.2016:

In a less than three month, we finalized code for the phone, stabilized mockup hardware and designed version 2 hardware. We made both versions of UI: standard and child.



Update 11.2.2017:

On the following pictures, you can see the most handsome phone ever.



Flexible 3D printed case with “puzzle” click mechanism allows you to put your hackphone into DIY gadget.






There could be three purchasing options:

  1. Developer – version of hackphone that you can enhance with your own functionality. For example, you can add simple chatbot.
  2. Integrator – version of hackphone that you can integrate with your own devices. For example with your RaspberryPi home IoT network.
  3. Lover – just take the device and enjoy.