CV Builder


Inspirations and ideas

Today, people value their time more than anything. So when you apply for a job, you need your CV to standout in a bunch of other resumes.

How many times you found yourself in a position that you need professional resume and you just don’t have time or skill to make one.

That was our main idea, to make simple, yet fast and elegant CV Builder that is so easy to use.

What it does

With our CV Builder you can build and download your resume in just a few minutes.

How does it all work

All you need to do is to select one of our themes, type all your information that you want to be seen in your CV and just hit a download button. That’s it, simple, easy and free for use.

Challenges that we faced

The biggest challenge we faced was to apply live preview in our build section. No one did it before, so it was quite a challenge but at the end we manage to pull it off.

It’s so great to be able to see what you do entire time.

What we're proud of

We are so proud we made something that can make people lives easier. It’s so great knowing that you helped someone get a dream job.


What we've learned so far

This was first time we used React in a project and we learned so much about it. It was great experience for our developer team.

What's next

For now, enjoy in our CV Builder. We’ll see what the future holds.

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