Join us on an exciting adventures

We are open to disruptive innovation and looking for think-alike people who will push technology to its limits.

Our projects have started.

Thanks for your interest in joining our team, but our team capacity is full for the time being. Check back before the next round of projects starts!

We are inviting you to join a project team, do research, design and development even with zero previous work experience!

What matters to us is that you are a talented, curious, self-driven individual and on the way to become best of the best. You will work on challenging projects with our best mentors, get a chance to show off your skills and perhaps even start a career.

Here is a breakdown of skills we are looking for:

  • Front-end web development (Javascript, Angular, React...)
  • Back-end web development (Python, Node, Go, PHP...)
  • Product design and UI design
  • Distributed Systems Engineer (Go/io.js/node...)
  • Cryptographic Systems Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Software algorithms and Data structures


Devana Labs is located at the centre of Belgrade, Knez Mihailova 11. Here is a taste of what our office looks like.


Devana Labs works on various projects and every three months we start new ones. Check out our past projects.


Typical team size is four people. Each team is then assigned a project lead and typically two to four mentors.

Work hours?

We have flexible work hours which allows you enough freedom to be elsewhere (important lectures or exams) if necessary.

Is it paid?

Short answer is of course yes. But, if you just have raw talent that we recognised and are beginning from zero we are happy to help you attain work experience and new skills but it will be unpaid. If you come with some experience we will offer you pay.

Can I advance?

Yes. You have an opportunity to stay for more projects and even get a job offer from us.


Telnet to port 'CEFEC' on for instructions on how to apply.

HINT: Web servers usually listen on port 'IA'

In working towards our mission of innovation, we have the pleasure of engaging with a wide variety of academic partners. We are here for you and your students.

Here is how to get involved.

  • Have a research featured, get partner connections and project support.
  • Suggest a project or a partner to Devana Labs.
  • Provide a mentor for the project.
  • Showcase your work in related technologies.
  • Organize a guest lecture at Devana Labs.
  • Provide internships for your own projects.

Support Devana Labs innovative projects by providing financial support, contributing your time and expertise, and partnering on program initiatives.

Here is how to get involved.

  • Contribute financial support for a project team or initiative (i.e. general funding support for the Labs, a program, an event, or a specific project).
  • Suggest a project or collaboration on an existing project (i.e. requesting a student team to build components of a web-based application).
  • Arrange for employee volunteering time to mentor our teams (typically around 10-12 one hour sessions during a three month period).
  • Incubate your own entrepreneurial projects with our industry mentors.
  • Provided judges and/or prizes for hackathons and other student competitions.

Support Devana Labs innovative projects by providing financial support, contributing your time and expertise, and partnering on program initiatives.

Here is how to get involved.

  • Provide mentorship for student teams in your area of expertise.
  • Donate to a project or initiative and support their ability to execute successfully.
  • Volunteer during events held at Devana Labs
  • Suggest relevant connections that would be mutually valuable to both Labs and your contact.
  • Other: We always want passionate people involved, so please feel free to reach out and we'll be sure to figure something out!